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Shock Wheel

Shock Wheel


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Testimonial of Saint Remy les Alpilles airclub chief pilot, after having installed a Shock Wheel on their Aerospool Dynamic WT9, used as their towing and flight school airplane:

" Contacted by BERINGER a Monday, we have given them the green light for experimenting the Shock Wheel and few days later we were mounting it on our Dynamic.

After 2 months of use and more than 150 landing cycles, the conclusion of this experiment is very positive.

As soon as the rolling starts we feel a sensation of comfort, we don't feel any oscillation anymore, the absorption is very beneficial to the airframe. This feeling is confirmed during take off, with or without a glider behind.

In flight, we haven't noticed any speed cut-down, therefore nor consumtion increase.

At landing the first contact with the ground is perfectly absorbed, even during a "hard" one. The decelaration on the ground shows the same capabilities as during take off.

We noticed a slight transfer of weight on the nose landing gear caused by the heightening of the Shock Wheel " [1'' / 25mm] " but this has no impact on the plane behavior.

The global appreciation of this system is confirmed as very positive, the comfort and airframe preservation are remarkable.

Stéphane Armitano"