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Shock Wheel

Shock Wheel


Patented Shock Wheel system :

- Great safety for backcountry pilots and flight schools

- The Shock Wheel is designed to improve safety on rough terrain. Thanks to its dual oleo-pneumatic shocks, it absorbs the surface defects.

- Combined with the BERINGER lightweight and powerful wheels and brakes, the Shock Wheel offers THE landing solution that protects the airframe and improves safety


Technical specifications:

- 8cm / 3.2’’ of Oleo-pneumatic absorption
- Bolts onto standard spring gears in 2 hours
- For aircraft up to 650kg / 1430lbs
- Tested at 4G
- Anti-roll system included
- 3kg / 6.5lbs per side
- The Shock Wheel is a patented system


Available for : G1 - Savannah - Magni Gyro
Bristell XL8 - Pipistrel Sinus/Virus 
Aerospool Dynamic - Nynja/Skyranger
Rans S6/S7 - Zenair 

Watch the demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D63uNIJn9WU