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Qualité et performance des freins et roues pour avion

Beringer Philosophy

The Company BERINGER AERO has been manufacturing wheels and brakes in the same spirit of quality and performance for 30 years.

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After STOL Drag racing for 3 years at the High Sierra Fly-in and Reno air races around the corner, I had to come up with a better braking system. I originally had a Cleveland system and switched to a grove double piston caliper system but still wasn’t happy with the braking power. I turned to Beringer to help me come...

" The quest for performance is to seek more power with less weight. BERINGER is the definition realized in a exquisitely beautiful package. "
" La recherche de la performance requiert puissance et légèreté. BERINGER en est l'illustration dans une exquise combinaison. "