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Nouveaux produits

Greater Safety for backcountry pilots and flight schools

- 3.2’’ of Oleo-pneumatic absorption

- Bolts onto standard spring gears in 2 hours

- For aircraft up to 1430lbs

- Tested at 4G

- Anti-roll system included

- 6.5lbs per side

- The Shock Wheel is a patented system

Available for : Rans S6/S7 – Zenair - G1 - Savannah - Magni Gyro - Bristell XL8 - Pipistrel Sinus/Virus - Aerospool Dynamic - Nynja/Skyranger


Testimonial from the Chief Pilot of airclub St Rémy les Alpilles, who has mounted the Shock Wheel on their Aerospool Dynamic, operated as a glider towing plane and in flight school on their accidented grass airfield:

" Contacted on a Monday, we have given the green light for this experimentation and the next Thursday the Shock Wheel were installed on the plane.

After 2 months of use, representing more than 150 landings, the conclusion is very positive.

While taxiing a new comfort sensation is felft, there is no bouncing or oscillation anymore, a dampening very beneficial to the airframe aging. Sensation that is confirmed during take off, with or without a glider behind.

In cruise we haven’t noticed any significant speed decrease and therefore no increase in fuel consumption.

At landing the first contact with the ground is perfectly absorbed, even during « ferm » ones. The decelaration shows the same benefits than during take off.

To be noted, on the ground, a slight transfer of weight on the front gear due to the main being a little bit higher, but without any consequences on the plane behavior.

The general appreciation of this system is very positive, comfort and airframe preservation are remarkable.

Stéphane Armitano "