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NEWS AERO Friedrichshafen 2018

NEWS AERO Friedrichshafen 2018
Nouveaux produits

After 3 years of research and development, Real worl tests on different airplanes And on various surfaces and parts of the globe, the Alaskan Landing Gear ALG has proved its strength  and reliability and meets FAA Standards and Regulations !

The ALG will be available as certified STC for SuperCub very soon…

Ultra-Light 10" Wheels/Brakes for Cubs (PA-18, Carbon Cub, Shock Cub, …)

  • Light weight superb design
  • Fully CNC machined from high grade aluminum billet
  • High braking torque
  • Install with 35" Alaskan Bushwheel OR Desser TL 31" Tundra tires

Complete Wheel&Brakes upgrade kit for Piper PA-46 pending

For Meridian, Matrix, Malibu, Mirage

  • Three wheels with tubeless tires
  • High performance dual brakes

26" & 29" Alaskan Bush Tire : the first full-up Bushwheel built specifically for LSA and Ultra light Aircraft

  • Low pressure tire
  • For 6.00-6 inch wheels
  • Diameters 26"and 29"
  • Weight 14.3 and 19.9 Lbs

 Smooth landing, even on rough terrain. PRODUCED in Alaska for BERINGER By Airframes Alaska, Expert in Alaskan bush tires.