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Non-certified procedures

Non-certified procedures

To download the general installation and maintenance manual for non certified BERINGER products, click here

Attention: specificities related to the installation of your products may not be included in this document, these will be provided at the same time of the sales order.

Specific installation manuals (click on the reference):

Type of airplane                  Reference of the document
Van's RV10 BRG-MM-002.10(A)
Van's RV14 and 14A BRG-MM-002.14(A)
Van's RV3,4,6,6A,7,7A,8,8A,9,9A BRG-MM-002(D)
Piper PA-18, Carbon Cub, Legend - Original landing gear 1.25'' axle - 6'' wheels


Specific to Carbon Cub landing gear

3D picture for Carbon Cub installation

Piper PA-18, Carbon Cub, SQ, Legend - Original landing gear 1.25, 1.5'' axles and ALG - 10'' wheels


Specific to Carbon Cub landing gear

Light Sport "Cub" type (for Alaskan Landing Gear installation and maintenance) BRG-MM-005(A)


For any question during installation or maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Service Center (see Dealer tab) or our Customer Support department : 

For US and Canada : 864 214 4274 /

For other customers : +33 492 201 619 /

Note: can't find your manual in this section? Check in the Certified product section, it may be hidden there...