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Beringer Aero

WHEELS - BRAKES - Landing Gear
High performance for Aircraft

commitment to sustainable development

Respect for the Environment 

• At BERINGER, toxic substances and non recyclable materials are eliminated from the frabication process
• A specialized sorting process for trash is implemented in the workshop 
• An environmental awareness campaign is organized.

Reduction of Energy Consumption

• A bioclimatic building (BBC) made of local wood only consumes 17kw/h/m²/yr. . 
• 98% of the energy used to heat water is solar-powered Les véhicules de BERINGER fonctionnent au GPL: •BERINGER vehicles function using GPL; they have reduced CO2 emissions and no particle emissions.. 

Eco-Designs for Products

• They are innovative in design and implementation: 9 patents are currently registered. 
• There is absolutely no toxic products used in the fabrication process. 
• They are designed to have an unlimited shelf life because pieces that are worn down can be replaced. 
• They are 99% recycable 
• 98% of the products are made in France within a radius of 400km; this process reduces transportation and energizes local industrial bases

Respect for Human Dignity in the Workplace

• From one end of the assembly line to another, from in-house to subcontractors, BERINGER staff 
members work in optimal conditions following the regulations of OIT (International Work Organization). 
• There are neither low-cost suppliers nor outsourcing. 

Respect for the Ethics of Economics

• BERINGER partners (suppliers, subcontractors, banks, clients) are chosen based on ethical criteria, not the lowest price 
• BERINGER commits to projects based on their moral philosophy : 
 - BERINGER wheels are not involved in projects that could intentionally threat human life. 
 - BERINGER has partnerships concerning eco-friendly projects (Green challenge, SolarImpulse). 

Zero Compromise on Quality

At BERINGER, quality is not only respect for procedures that the EASA certifies, such as the Design Approval Organization and the Production Approval Organization (Part 21G), Quality is a pledge of trust to our clients: when buying a BERINGER product, our clients entrust us with their lives. 
To prove responsible and worthy of this trust, we offer a lifetime waranty « civil responsiblity » for 
all of our products 

BERINGER AERO integrates its partners in its projects, from the design stage to commercialization 

• AeroProviders 
• Pôle PEGASE 
• Agence Economique des hautes Alpes

Since 2010 the Label MADE IN RESPECT has been recognizing BERINGER AERO's commitment to sustainable development.

On February 24, 2012 BERINGER AERO won the Trophée RSE PACA TPE 2012 (Social Responsibility of the Companies).

In June 2015, the State label EPV, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, qualifies the excellence of BERINGER AERO's know-how.